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Dinner Challenge No. 1 - Site: Bremen

On Saturday the 25th of August, our two clubs finally had their first common event: the Cooking Challenge No. 1.

Bulgur wheat, tomatoes and lemons in Bremen
We had exchanged recipes (German Kartoffelpuffer for Istanbul, Turkish Kisir for Bremen), bought all ingridients and were ready to start.

There were some big differences though: in Istanbul around 15-20 Rotaractors had gathered with perfect summer weather, a big kitchen and an even bigger terrace, while in Bremen we were in five in a small kitchen and with the rain hitting against the windows.

Members of Galatasaray Club cutting potatoes

How could we know that? Well, we used modern technology to make it a truely joint event. Emre, the Bremen Twin Club Coordinator, brought his tablet and "installed" it in the tiny kitchen and switched on Skype.

Aysegül, president of Galatasaray Istanbul Club, did the same on her mobile phone. Both devices had cameras and therefore we could see each other.

Cake in the oven
While the Istanbul girls and guys were peeling and cutting potatoes and onions, we chopped parsley, cooked bulgur and fried onions. We had decided to also go for a Turkish cake, which we had prepared already beforehand. It was baking in the oven and smelled really good while we were preparing the Kisir.


All present Rotaractors were involved in the preparations and it was especially funny to talk to our Turkish friends in the meanwhile and see them preparing a German dish.

Our Kisir started to actually look like on the picture sent by our friends :)

The frying president
As a "side dish", our president Tim had prepared some meat, which  he fried in the meantime.

Daniel and Tim presenting our dinner

While the Kisir was cooling down, we decorated our dinner table, inspired by our friends in Istanbuls, whose table looked absolutely stunning (they showed us via Skype).

And finally we had our dinner!

From left to right: Johanna, Javier, Tim, Daniel and Emre (taking the picture)

Conclusion: It was a great evening, we had lots of fun cooking, and some of us even could improve their cooking skills. But the best thing was definetely the communication with our friends in Istanbul!

For more pictures have a look at our Picasa Album:
1st Dinner Challenge - August 2012

RAC Bremen

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