Thursday, August 16, 2012


…and some facts which might be interesting for you to know about our lovely hometown!

Dear Rotaractors from Rotaract Club Galatasaray in Istanbul

All of us members as well as guests in Rotaract Club in Bremen are very happy about our new connection, and we all hope the beginning will lead to a stable and long-lasting relationship between our clubs. We are looking forward welcome members of your club here in Bremen, and even more delighted thinking of visiting you in Istanbul next year! :-)

However, I did not write something in our mutual blog before, and because – as I suppose – most of you have not visited Bremen yet, getting to know a little bit about Bremen might be interesting for you, maybe some facts will surprise you, or will, at least, be completely new for you.

In Germany as well as abroad, Bremen is famous for two things of daily life: 

1. Our beloved Werder Bremen football club.To be a real “Bremer” you have to be a fan of Werder Bremen! Maybe we can go to a football match together while some members of your club are visiting us?

2. Beck’s Beer: The second important export, even if the company is not German anymore. The brewery can be viewed during a tour, a point which could be interesting for you as well on a visiting-agenda.

Wherever in Europe, United States, South Africa or even Asia, one of these two items will be known, even if the person you are talking to has no idea where exactly he or she has to map our city.

There are some more famous and well-known objects and places of interest in Bremen. The most important might be the fairytale of the “Bremer Stadtmusikanten” (Town Musicians of Bremen):

Four animals, a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cock, were quite old and without use for their owners anymore, who wanted to kill them. However, they wanted to stay alive, so they decided to flee and walk towards Bremen, where they wanted to work as musicians in the stress of the city. With courage and friendship, they beat a bandit on their way to Bremen and took over his cottage. Although they never reached Bremen, a statue in the city centre of Bremen remind all visitors of their life story.

The forelegs of the donkey are shining golden, because its said: touching them brings good luck to you.

One more famous sight in Bremen is the „Bremer Roland“, a statue which was built in 1404 in front of the townhall.

The Roland is one oft he town’s landmarks, and a sign of freedom. Bremen has a long history of being a free Hanseatic city, and the Bremer are very proud of being citizens in this town.
There are dozens of interesting stories and facts more to tell and pictures to show you, but I hope this first insight has been a little bit interesting. In further articles, I will write more about Bremen, our club and how life in Bremen is like.

See you soon! :)

Treasurer RAC Bremen


  1. I´m "International Services" Codirector of Rotaract Club Córdoba,ARGENTINA,2012-2013 term. we´re following this blog. The hole idea is awesome, my club used to do international dinners and skype meeting only. If you don´t mind We decided to do something similar to "twin clubs", so we started looking for a Club who wants to share the same experience. Hope you the best Galatasaray Rotaract Kulübü and Rotaract Club Bremen :)

  2. Hello Hellen,
    thank you very much, we are glad you like it :) And of course we don't mind, after all this blog is also thought for encouraging other clubs to do the same!
    All the best to you, too :)