Monday, August 6, 2012

Trip to Bremen - Arda from Istanbul Galatasaray

Hi everyone,

Following a long preperation period, I realized that the passport number in my visa was wrong the day before I started out to the supersonic tour of Europe with my dearest friends Emre and Bora. I went to the consulate immediately, expecting an apology (I even thought of the possibility of gaining citizenship for this mistake, yes I seriously did think of this possibility). Whatever... Overall, They didn't even give me a proper apology and I spent my two hours for nothing.
Finally, I got my passport with the visa in it and started a joyous tour of Europe with my dear friend Emre from the Bremen Rotaract Club. We started the trip from Bremen but later on we travelled to Amsterdam, afterwards to the legendary city of Paris, and we finally finished in Prague.

I must say, this has been a great international trip with wonderful memories :)

Arda Arapkirlioglu
Galatasaray Rotaract Club

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