Monday, July 30, 2012

Presenting the "Blog Delegates" - Emre from Bremen

Hello to all! This is Emre from Bremen!

I work as an operator for a shipping company based in Überseestadt - Bremen and am also the club photographer :)

So, you can say it's a "Clark Kent" thing going on here for me ;) During daylight hanging around with vessels, and during nighttime and weekends try to catch the life and preserve it into films and cards :)

I was a member of Galatasaray since 01/2007, during those times I was in various and numerous  projects in the club (e.g. being a two-time-editor of RotaPigeon - the D.2420 magazine of Rotaractors in Istanbul), assisting nearly all of our club committees, and also worked as the club's photographer :)

And since last year, I've been a proud member of Rotaract Club Bremen!

I believe that it will be a quite enthusiastic journey between two clubs and the relationship will last years and years and years and yea.... :))

Very happy to be a part of this collaboration,cannot wait to prepare Turkisch food and even cannot wait see how our Turkisch friends in Istanbul prepare German food ! :)

Emre Adam

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