Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Started - Now for Real!

Here it is, the post that really gets it started.

The last week was full of writing mails and agreeing on how to begin. About project ideas - thrown in the virtual room by one side, then improved by the other side.

We decided on one first thing: in a good tradition we are going to be "contact clubs" before becoming twin clubs. This means we will exchange our meeting minutes - after having them translated to English.

On Thursday 25th of July it - so tomorrow - Galatasaray RAC has its meeting, and RAC Bremen has just made it to send the translated minutes from the last "working meeting". Ayseg├╝l, president of Galatasaray, will add the Bremen minutes to their own ones and will then distribute them in the meeting. This will be the first "club public" thing to do - really exciting for all of us :)

Additionally, during mail conversation our first project idea (next to the blog) was born:

we will collect recipes - the favourite ones from members in Germany and Turkey - and add them in a cooking book. Some of them will also be published here.

Then we will have a "dinner event": in the same week, maybe even at the same night, we will meet in groups at one members home and cook - a recipe from the other country. If the internet works with us, we will even hold a skype meeting during this event.

How does this sound to you?

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