Tuesday, January 19, 2016

First Challenge: Skype cooking

Legend is back! 
On 21th of November by doing the skype dinner challenge we got back to the dinner challenges with our lovely twin club, Bremen Rotaract Club. We were ready to contact them at the promised time. We were supposed to cook a delicious taste, Onion Pie which our dear friends from our twin club gave the receipt of. After preparing the dough we said hi!:) to our friends via skype. They were also excited to cook and taste our receipt which is a traditional taste, Kısır. Then we started putting the ingredients in the dough and finally put it in the owen and we let the excite began while waiting for the pie to be ready to taste:) ıt was perfectly cooked after 25 minutes and the taste was amazing, eventhough we could not imagine that pie could be that delicious... At the same time, our twin club was done about our receipt and we both started to enjoy our meals:) 
That was a real fun to work and meet with our twin club again and looking forward to the other challenges:)

Ayça Güntülü ALKAN

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