Monday, October 7, 2013

Twin Club Awarded Clubs Galatasaray and Bremen Continue to Work:)

After winning TCA, you must wonder whether we still do projects and keep up the work:) The answer is a big Yes:)

After last year's intriguing project Dinner Challenge, this year we started to make Film Challenge Nights. While Bremen members watch a Turkish production, we watch a German one. We again try to communicate through Skype.

Now the next step may be a combination of Dinner and Film Challenge. I think we're ready for it:) 

In addition to this fun project, we are also very excited for our friends' visit to Istanbul, most probably in November:) 
We'll do our best to make a great programme and welcome them in beautiful Istanbul.  The months of  November are a bit cold in Istanbul but hey! Our visitors come from Bremen:) 
We can't wait for November:)

We also congratulate Bremen Rotaract for Autumn bREMen 2014:) We'll be there, can't miss that. 
As a person who already visited Bremen, I would like to say that, it's a magically cute city with beautiful people living in it. Don't miss bREMen:) 

All the best and love from Istanbul:)
Galatasaray Rotaract Club
Past President 12-13

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