Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Third Excellence: "Şakşuka"

Hello to all! l am Daniel :) 

For the third time a few Bremish Rotaractors met by my house, and were challenged to cook a meal called "Şakşuka" :)

After little problems fetching all the ingredients we needed and an extra tour to the local supermarket we were ready to start out.

Due to great teamwork on washing, slicing, cutting all those tomatoes, garlic hearts, potatoes and Zucchini. 


Me, cutting the Aubergines :) 

Everything was clear to heat the oven

So, roundabout 90 minutes time we were happy
to finally finish the little cups of Şakşuka

and also had lots of fun....

....while talking with our friends from RAC Galatasaray via Skype :)

Afterall, we enjoyed a very tasty meal (unusual for Germans: without any meat) full of all the healthy and tasty vegetables of nature. 

Topping all that, our late guest Johanna celebrated her birthday with us...and selfmade cake. 

Thank you once more for all of this and for a great recipe.

Daniel (me) - Jonas - Javier - Johanna - Emre - Jacqueline - Florian - Tim

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