Sunday, October 28, 2012

2nd Dinner Challenge

Dear fellows,
I thought our second dinner challenge is a great chance to write to our common blog.  Let me first introduce myself. I'm Ayşegül, 28 years old and born in Istanbul. I am a film maker and I also work as an assistant director in commercials and feature length films. Very recently, I started giving lectures on film in a university.  I've been a rotaractor for almost 8 years. For 2012-2013 term. I'm the president of Rotaract Club of Galatasaray.  It's a pleasure for me to make efforts to make the world a better place and I really enjoy to create and make new projects with my rotaractor friends. I'm married and I have a cat. I like science- fiction, swimming and writing my own stories. I also like listening to music a lot!

And as for the Twin Club activities;
We really enjoy doing new things and learn about your culture.
Last weekend(20th of October), we were at Sami's house for October House Party and we did our second dinner challenge with you, Bremen Rotaractors, who were on Emre' s house at the same time.
We start with the patatoes and then we put all the ingredients to a pan and we had ourselves a very great Bratkartoffeln. At the same time Bremen Rotaractors did circassion chicken with our recipe. (by the way, it really looked great on my cell phone:) ) We used our high- tech mobile devices again:) to communicate online and we passed information about the phases until we completed our dinners. This time, wifi was a bit problematic, but still we managed to keep up with 3g :)

We, of course, consumed it real fast, considering there were 20 people on the house:) It was delicious.
For the next time, we want to increase the excitement just a bit and send a more challenging recipe:) We'll of course do our part, if you send us a more difficult meal too :) I think we are ready for this:D

Here are some photos from the lovely evening:)

All the Best,
Galatasaray Rotaract Club

Preparing Patatoes

Using skype to communicate between Germany and Turkey
Having fun while doing it:)
Delicious Bratkartoffeln
Circassion Chicken looks real tasty on my cell phone:)

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